Skills Training

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In Nepal, women often lack the same opportunities as men in education, employment, and economic development, which hinders their ability to achieve financial independence from their fathers, brothers, and husbands. This situation confines them to constrained and restricted lives. The financial challenges faced by women disproportionately affect families, impacting the welfare, health, and education of children the most.

To empower women economically, Shenpen provides training and facilitates access to micro-finance loans through the Women’s Cooperative Society (WCS). Founded in in 1995, WCS aims to assist impoverished women in forming community-based savings and loan groups, empowering them to improve their economic circumstances.

Shenpen aims to equip women with technical and small enterprise management skills necessary to operate successful businesses. These skills include marketing, bookkeeping, accounting, and business planning. The enterprises supported by Shenpen predominantly focus on activities such as vegetable farming.

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Ongoing projects in Shenpen's Program