Enhancing lives through accessible healthcare and vital resources—Shenpen is committed to improving the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities

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Skills Training

Unlocking potential through skills development—Shenpen is committed to empowering individuals for success

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Elderly Care

Enriching lives through compassionate care and support—Shenpen is committed to promoting wellbeing for the elderly

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Animal Welfare

Advocating for animal welfare through compassionate action—Shenpen is committed to protecting and promoting the rights of all creatures

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Transforming lives with accessible education and essential learning resources—Shenpen is committed to enhancing the educational opportunities of those in need

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Disaster Relief

Changing lives with sustainable home reconstruction—Shenpen is committed to rebuilding homes and restoring stability for those affected by earthquakes and other natural calamities

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Celebrating 20 years of making a difference

For two decades, Shenpen has dedicated itself to transforming lives and uplifting communities in Nepal. Founded in 2004 by Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche, we strive to ensure that all poor and disadvantaged people, especially the very young, very old, and displaced, enjoy good health, education, and financial security.

With global support, we fund local charities and NGOs, providing meals for elderly women, school supplies and tuition for children, cataract surgeries, anti-rabies vaccinations for dogs, vocational training for women, disaster relief, and much more.

Join us in celebrating 20 years of making a difference. Together, we can continue to create tangible, sustainable change. Thank you for your support!

Help Sunita get her kidney transplant

Featured Projects

Disaster Relief

School Sponsorships

Goody Bags at Burns Unit

Menstrual Health

Goody Bags at Burns Unit

Latest News

Shenpen was founded as a non-profitable social work project opened by Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche in 2004 and currently operates within the Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery’s community. Shenpen’s vision is that all poor and disadvantaged people of Nepal, especially the very young, very old, and displaced, enjoy good health, a sound education, financial security and are able to meet their full human and spiritual potential.

Annual Anti-Rabies Vaccination Campaign

Shenpen works with established and trusted organizations in Nepal to bring benefit to the most poor and disadvantaged of the country in the areas of Health, Education, Elderly Care, Skills Training, and Animal Welfare.